TransAtlantic Ensemble

TransAtlantic Ensemble 


“Thrills and Dynamism from the Transatlantic Ensemble at Steinway Hall”
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Review: Gramophone 

“Clarinettist Miriam Adam, a fonding and former member of Imani Winds, steps out with pianist Evelyn Ulex in their guise as the TransAtlantic Ensemble for a splendid voyage of discovery through the western hemisphere.”
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For those with an affinity for classical music fused with jazz and Latin traditions, The TransAtlantic Ensemble’s debut for the Steinway & Sons recording label titled Havana Moon provides a sound you’re sure to relate to. The duo – clarinetist Mariam Adam and pianist Evelyn Ulex – have separate roots in Paris, Berlin and New York City but together they beautifully and melodically bring an entirely global perspective to the compositions of … (read more)
-Classical Net Review

The Havana Moon title and the presence of Cuban reedman Paquito D’Rivera at the beginning of the program might give the impression that this is a collection of Cuban crossover music; in fact, the program is pan-Latin; composer Miguel del Águila is Uruguayan, Heitor Villa-Lobos is Brazilian, and JP Jofre is an Argentinian bandoneón player and composer. The music is for a small chamber ensemble headed by German pianist Evelyn Ulex; hence the connection to the piano-oriented Steinway label (and the Transatlantic moniker, for clarinetist Mariam Adam is American)… (read more)
ALLMUSIC REVIEW by James Manheim

Havana Moon from Steinway & Sons, for example, mixes a couple of short, evocative, authentically Latinate piano works by Heitor Villa-Lobos (Skyline of New Yorkand Valsa da Dor) with Latin-influenced pieces by three contemporary composers. The three are Paquito D’Rivera (born 1948), who contributes The Cape Cod Files(four movements), Habanera, Contradanza and Vals Venezolano; Miguel del Águila (born 1957), whose Tango Trio, Nocturne and Silence are heard here; and bandoneón player J.P. Jofre (born 1983), whose works on this CD are Sweet Dreams and Primavera. Several of the pieces are world première recordings, and all are quite well handled by performers who are clearly comfortable playing “fusion” music … (read more)

JP Jofre:
“It’s a great honor to be part of this unique album that features some of my favorite composers. Now’s days is very hard to find albums with diverse styles of contemporary-tonal music, but in this case, the Transatlantic Ensemble did a wonderful work in the selection of the works and the performance is excellent.”

Miguel del Aguila:
“I just finished listening to my Silence from your new Havana Moon CD; and both my friend and I were in tears by the beginning of the coda. Your interpretation is so beautifully moving, lyrical, refined, deep and most of all the feelings and expression of the music sound so sincere. … ”
June 2016 

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