TransAtlantic Ensemble

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Our new CD “Havana Moon”
has just been released by the Steinway Label

with wonderful compositions by
Paquito D’Rivera, JP Jofre , Miguel del Aguila & Villa Lobos

featuring guest artists
Liana Gourdjia, Violin and JP Jofre, Bandoneon

  Katia Guedes / Evelyn Ulex
The Brazilian Classical Song

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Two hundred years journey through the history of the Brazilian Classical Song.
The Brazilian Classical Songbook is one of longing. Hauled from either Portugal or Africa, the immigrants brought along a lust for their homeland, a yearning for which the Portuguese has a word for unrivaled by any other language: the famous saudade.

Such saudade is found in almost every song; it speaks as a longing from a past all but lost, as it were grief for a lost love. In addition to their native musical education, most of the Brazilian composers presented here also studied in Europe. While their music is thereby suffused and enriched with European influence, the original mood of longing infuses their compositions.


  From the Americas (2018)
performed by Mariam Adam, clarinet; Evelyn Ulex, piano;

2018 release, Tango Malambo Music
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The Blue Estuaries (1986-89)
Winter Dances (1991)
Trois Morceaux (1977)
on the CD “John David Earnest: World Premiere Recordings”
performed by Judith Kellock, soprano; Ensemble X; Sebastian Gottschalk, conductor;
and Mariam Adam, clarinet; Peter Sanders, cello; Evelyn Ulex, piano;
Hrabba Atladottir, violin

2008 release, Koch International Classics, KIC-CD-7555
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  Solo Piano CD
Pictures of Music
Evelyn Ulex, Piano

Music by Schumann, Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin and Skrjabin