Classical songs from Brazil

Classical songs from Brazil (1800-2000)

Brazilian song, from the romantic to the contemporary.
Ms. Ulex performs with soprano Katia Guedes and in solo piano works…


“200 years classical Brazilian song” with Katia Guedes, Soprano 

“One enjoys completely the young, improbably pure but also velvet, easy modulationable voice of Katia Guedes, whom a minnesinger would certainly have called a feast for the eyes. Evelyn Ulex sets highlights in the program with her brilliant solo pieces of Brazilian composers… While listening the show blossomed into a most interesting and fascinating event.” 

Märkische Allgemeine, Potsdam 

“Evelyn and Katia are both accomplished artists with sure technique, solid musicianship and stylish presence. Their elegant interpretations contained a quiet passion, and revealed the haunting, lyric qualities of this musical genre.” 

Erasmia Voukelatos,Faust Harrison pianos, NYC