TransAtlantic Ensemble with guests

TransAtlantic Ensemble with guests 

It is a rarity in music today to find an ensemble whose commitment to varied styles suits their abilities. The catch phrases in the Arts are “Diversity” and “Crossover” and many a chamber group wave that flag of repertoire. In the TransAtlantic Ensemble I have heard that well balanced blend of ‘Mozartian’ control, ‘Brahmsian’ passion, ‘Webernesque’ precision. The bonus is their inherit soul and rhythmic drive that allows them tlo tackle music from say, south of the American Border or the Middle East authentic inflection. 
Jeff Scott 


New Jersey City University   pdf
New York Public Library  pfd
John David Earnest, composer New York   pdf
Icelandic Embassy, Berlin   pdf
Jeff Scott, Imani Winds   pdf
German Mission in the United States   pdf

Presskit Downloads

You can download the flyer here as pdf.