Poetic meets the piano

Poetic meets the piano

Musicians & poets escaping/moving/in Exil /Now

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Presskit Downloads

You can download the complete “Poetic meets the piano” presskit here as pdf.

Hartmut Becker, actor website

Evelyn Ulex, pianist

Classical Brecht

An attempt at reconciliation and understanding between music and word/a concert piano answers the laments/the songs/the love poems of the poor B.B.


“Entgegen allen Erwartungen – Brecht meets classic”  pdf
“Der Flügel antwortet auf die Klagen des armen B.B.”
Berliner Morgenpost  pfd
“Seriös im Salon – Brecht meets classic”
Berliner Tagesspiegel”  pfd

Presskit Downloads

You can download the complete “Classical Brecht” presskit here as pdf.